Summer Group Ride with RMAG on Saturdays

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June 8, 2015
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August 9, 2015
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Summer Group Ride with RMAG on Saturdays

One of the groups you will find meandering out on the Seeley Lake dirt roads and trails in the summer are mountain bike enthusiasts who like to see our country from a bike seat. Many riders are from other countries traveling the great divide trail. Some are racers and some are people who simply like to tour our country at a different pace than other forms of travel. All of them are getting out in nature and enjoying spectacular views.

 Some of the local residents fit into the “biker” category and make a point of traveling our trails via bicycle for fun. So if you need something to do in the cool morning hours each Saturday, Rocky Mountain Adventure Gear, located in down town Seeley, has begun a weekly group ride starting from the shop every Saturday morning. The ride is geared for pure enjoyment and the opportunity to visit with others who share the excitement of simply riding a bike. The ride runs between 60 and 90 minutes. Each Saturday we come to the shop with a few thoughts about where to take the group but nothing is set in stone prior to our gathering just before 8 am.  The ride is run with the least experienced individual of the group in mind so no one feels like they are being left in the dust. We try to help those who have not been on bikes much to learn about riding techniques, safety, trail and road etiquette, how to shift correctly and where to find the available trails. We often find ourselves migrating to the lovely trails along Boy Scout Road since they are close and not overly challenging for first time trail riders. We also try out the Nordic ski trail system too – as it gives a number of options and skill levels for riders.

 When our little group rides grow in biker participation, we have the personnel on hand to split into two or more rides, for beginners, moderate and experienced riders. We can provide challenging training rides as well as first time experiences to hopefully give as wide a spectrum of riders skills an enjoyable group ride experience in Seeley Lake. If the demand to ride increases we could also run more than one ride per week throughout the riding season. So, if you think morning bike riding might be your cup of tea, come meet us this Saturday to discover what kind of ride we will come up with this week.

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